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Working hours of the Library: 

The library remains open from 7.00 am to 5:30 pm throughout the year except Government declared holidays and all Sundays without break for different type of functions like reference/issue/return of books. The library staff served in two shifts. During examination days working hours of the library extends up to 7:00 pm by the demands of students with the prior permission of the principal.

Beside library working hours the librarian is available online for 24 hours to provide the urgently required information and reference service for the faculties of the college.

Membership:  (Students, Faculty and External Member)

How to get membership:

Only bonafide students, faculty and staff as registered member are allowed to use the library.


Students have to get membership for the use of library facilities they have to fill up membership form in appropriate format provided by assistant librarian. The filled membership form have to be submitted to the Asst. librarian. At the time of admission students will get the library ID card with college ID and they have to fill up the membership form provided with library ID then they will get barcode on library card.

To get membership students have to submit 2 passport size photo with membership form.

Faculty :

 College faculty also get the membership after filling and submission of membership form in appropriate format with one passport size photograph provided by Assistant Librarian. The newly recruited staff has to submit application by proper channel to the Asst. Librarian duly signed by the Principal. After receiving the furnished application form Bar-coded transaction book allotted with transaction employee number to the faculty for transaction.

Students and faculty can also download the required form from the college/library website.

As per the decision of library adhoc committee the books can be borrowed is limited to members as follows –

Category                                                                          No. of Books           Issue Period

Senior college teaching faculty  (Aided/Regular)                              35                           30 days

Junior college teaching faculty                                                            25                           30 days

Clerical staff                                                                                           15                           30 days

Unaided teaching staff                                                                         10                           30 days

Subordinate  staff                                                                                    5                           30 days

Students                                                                                                    1                             8  days

External Member                                                                                     1                             8 days

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