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The college library was established in 1970 and was then situated in the Main college building in Room, No 10 . It had a collection of 699 books and could accommodate students and 10 staff members in its Reading Hall.In the year 1980 it was shifted to the first floor (Main Building) it could accommodate 75 students and 10 teacxhing staff members in the Reading Hall.In August 2002 then it was again shifted to mahavir Bhavan Building a complete ground for Library.and the total area of the library 5800 sq ft.and at present there are two issuing counters for the students. One is textbook and other is Reference book counters. In library use D.D.C. Classification system and books arranged in broken order system.


•   To spread the light of knowledge through reading material,

•   To develop as a research center

•   To develop as a knowledge tower

•   To create best citizen for nation building



•   To promote the reading habits

•   To provide every  reader his/her book and information

•   To see that every book has its reader

•   To save the time of user

•   To fully automated library

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